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When you’re working with sensitive, high-value documents, it’s important to take steps to ensure that you’ll never be a victim of fraud, forgery, or counterfeiting. The techniques employed by forgers and counterfeiters have become increasingly complex over the past several years; fortunately, so have the security printing features offered by Nahda Printing Press.

With security printing, you can incorporate a wide range of security features into your printed documents, from security inks, watermarks, and holograms to guilloche marks, microprinting, and anti-copy. Security printing can be used for a wide variety of products and documents, including bank cheques, academic diplomas and transcripts, coupons and vouchers, official government documents (such as visas, marriage and birth certificates, and property registration documents), voting cards and ballots, and company stationery.

At Nahda, our security measures are about more than the finished product: we protect your documents and data at every step of the way, with the utmost care and confidentiality. We provide around-the-clock surveillance and monitoring throughout our office premises, both through our dedicated security personnel and via closed-circuit cameras.

All of our employees are bound by strict non-disclosure agreements, and none of our clients’ information or data is ever shared with our partners or vendors. Any artwork, files, or data shared with us are stored securely on our servers, where restrictions based on computer serial numbers prevent any unapproved access. We also employ secure paper-waste disposal practices, shredding all documents before sending them to be recycled.

Even with our rigorous security and confidentiality measures, we know that sometimes the best peace of mind comes from being able to monitor your work with your own eyes. Along with giving clients the option to monitor the progress of their orders through a secure data channel, our security printing clients are provided with personalized login access to our live surveillance cameras. It is this commitment to transparency that has made Nahda Printing Press a trusted partner to numerous security-conscious organizations, including financial institutions, government entities, and non-governmental organizations.